Most unfinished basements are large spaces just wanting to be used. A lot of home owners in the greater Sands Point area do not realize how much more space a finished basement can afford them, or how much more valuable their homes would be if they put a little bit of thought and effort in making their unfinished basement a sound, livable space.

Allied Construction Corporation has years of experience remodeling but also finishing basements in the Sands Point area. Working with your existing space, we work with you to design a basement that will work for you and your family and fit your unique needs and desires. Whether you are looking to completely remodel your basement into a den or play area for the kids, or would simply like some drywall and hanging ceiling installed, we can help.

Allied Construction Corporation can also help save you a lot of headaches by making your basement waterproof and take away the many hazards that have been associated with mold or pest infestation. Sealing your basement against the elements (and local wildlife) can be accomplished relatively quickly and efficiently for an affordable price. If you have noticed any cracks in the foundation of your home or would like more information on how to prevent damage associated with an unfinished basement, give us a call today.

Allied Construction Corporation will be happy to offer a free estimate and time line for most any project you may be thinking of for your basement. We will gladly handle your basement remodeling or finishing project regardless of its size or your budget, and we pride ourselves on extending the same level of respect, professionalism and undivided attention to each and every one of our clients.

If you would like to learn more about what your basement can do for you, contact Allied Construction Corporation . We guarantee your satisfaction, and our team of experienced technicians can make your basement remodeling dreams come true. Do not trust just any remodeling company with your precious vision - trust Allied Construction Corporation for the very best advice, workmanship and customer service in the greater Sands Point area.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (347) 242-1809 or by email.